The impact of office working on your body

Many of us try and lead the healthiest lifestyle possible by eating right and participating in some form of physical activity, however, office-based workers may find they have aches and pains before even doing physical activity. This is normally due to the fact the majority of their times is being spent seated at a desk… Read More

on 09 Mar 2018, 04:03PM

    Sports Therapy and What It Does for You

    Sports therapy is an offset of healthcare that is concerned specifically with the aim of preventing injury and the rehabilitation of patients back to the peak level of sports-related fitness. It employs the theory of sport and exercise sciences to its practices and processes of getting a patient back to their work, training or competition.

    Personal Fitness and What It Does for Your Health

    Personal training can sometimes be seen as a costly¬†expensive way to get healthy, fit and to look good, which is a common misconception – it is so much more. Here at Core Physio, personal training and fitness are much more than a process to make you look good. What we offer in terms of your… Read More

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