How much does a steroid injection cost in the U.K.?  Cortisone Shot Cost.

cost of steroid injections in uk

What are steroid injection costs?  Core Physio clinic provides ultrasound-guided steroid injections. For an all-inclusive price of £200 for all standard injection procedures.
We provide cortisone injections for the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle. And a range of joints and a wide range of soft tissue structures around the body. Including treatment for bursitis, tendon pain, and arthritic joints.
Hyaluronic acid injections start from £250 per injection per joint.
Platelet-rich plasma fees are £1000 for a standard course of 3 injections. Or £350 for a single injection.

Why are prices at Core lower than at other clinics?

Core is not only an established market leader in quality. Our experience and patient care are also exceptional.
We often hear from patients that they have quoted £600. Or £1200 for ultrasound-guided injections. And this can often be without other hidden costs…. and often involves 3-4 separate appointments.
Our unique one-stop shop keeps your time and cost to a minimum.
  • Efficient patient journey. We have a unique one-stop shop. A patient journey which means we have no wasted time for unnecessary appointments. You are assessed, scanned and injected all at a single appointment
  • Experience and excellence. We have grown through a reputation of excellence over the last 18 years. We now perform 100’s of injections each month. This allows us many operational efficiencies. Which we can pass on to our patients to keep our prices down


Steroid Injection Costs.  Are there any hidden fees?

No. Our quoted prices are all-inclusive. With no hidden extra charges. We firmly believe that this is what our patients want from us. A clear and transparent pricing system.

Which locations can I have an injection?

We have two clinics based conveniently in Lanarkshire for you.
Hamilton – Based within Hamilton football Stadium with easy commute and fantastic parking. Our spacious facility includes a full rehabilitation centre. With state-of-the-art equipment for all your needs.
Bothwell – Based on Hamilton Road, Bothwell we are easily found off of the M73/74. Bespoke clinic including orthopaedics and physiotherapy. Convenient access for Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

What do our services include?

ultrasound guided steroid injection
Core prices aim to provide affordable ultrasound-guided injections for pain relief. We have a standard, all-inclusive price for ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections of £200.

This includes:

  • Expert physical assessment

  • Ultrasound scan evaluation

  • Ultrasound-guided injection.

We also offer ultrasound-guided injection of hyaluronic acid.
We have two products: Ostenil Plus 40mg in 2ml. And Hyajoint 60mg in 3ml.

Steroid Injection costs.  How are our services different?

“Core offers a great option for ultrasound-guided injections. Keeping the patient journey as fast and efficient as possible”
Core Physio keeps prices affordable by offering a one-stop-shop assessment and treatment clinic. Many providers of injections may need you first to attend for an assessment. Then send you for a scan and then review you.