Better Back

Better Back

Back pain programme

Improve the health of your Back and Spine


People have often heard the advice, with a back problem ‘you have to keep moving’.

However, what if every time you move you are sore or uncomfortable?

Or you wonder what are the exercises you should be doing?

What if you worked with a physio before and never got much better?

What if you’ve had many different forms of treatment that help in the short term but never fully leads to recovery?

It is for all these reasons our better back programme has been developed.

The better back programme is a class based progressive rehabilitation programme which involves different exercises that target your back muscles, core and gluteals to increase general conditioning for long-term benefit.

Our classes are 30 minutes in length, aimed at improving strength and flexibility.

At Core Physio, we thrive to give the best treatment for our patients to ensure a smooth and full recovery, therefore before enrolling in our better back programme each client undergoes a full assessment to identify specific areas that need to be addressed throughout the sessions.

A maximum of 4 can attend the class, as we believe this allows us to give the detailed attention required to each client and classes are structured from beginners level to advanced therefore whatever stage of recovery you are at; there will be a class just for you.

Many people who start at the beginner’s class progress through each stage and find the classes great for maintaining fitness and preventing future episodes of low back pain and we feel the classes are relaxed and fun with a determination from both the physiotherapist and you to improve and reach goals of pain-free health and movement.

If you want to work hard and engage in the process of recovery we encourage you to enrol in the better back programme.

Contact our team today for further details. Classes available in Hamilton, Bothwell and our Glasgow, Merchants House Clinic.