Better Balance

Better Balance

Our better balance class is specifically designed to work on our balance and proprioception skills. Balance training can help reduce the risk of falls and the injuries associated with falling.

This class is primarily aimed at people aged 50+ who are looking to take preventative measures against falls. The class is designed to improve balance, strength and maintain a good range of movements in your joints.

Whilst this class was originally developed with people aged 50+ in mind there is also a great emphasis on training proprioception in people below the age of 50 not only to help them later on in life but to also help with many aspects of their current life, this is why we have created many different variations of the Better Balance class to suit all needs.

Incorporating balance training into your training now can help prevent reoccurring injuries, know someone who is constantly spraining their ankles? They would benefit from balance training. Balance training for people under 50 can help:

  • increase reaction times
  • make you adaptable to your surroundings (which reduces the risk of injury)
  • improve agility training

This class is currently available in our Hamilton and Bothwell clinics. When signing up for this class, we recommend that you schedule in for your free balance assessment. This will give us a guide to your needs and the areas needed for improvement. Interested in finding out more? click here to do so.

Why not book a FREE balance and movement assessment.  Click here to schedule a time that suits.

The class timetable below: