Better Fitness

Better Fitness

Our Better Fitness classes are designed to burn calories and to get your heart rate
up. The classes are 30 minutes long and consist of circuits, agility drills, body
weight exercises, weights and cardio work. These classes are ideal for time
conscious people who are looking to participate in physical activity but struggle to
find the time.

Many of us struggle with a healthy work-life balance and often exercise falls at the
bottom of the list. Exercise is one of the best preventative measures you can take
to decrease the risk of many ailments such as cardiovascular disease, strokes,
diabetes and obesity. Exercise also has a positive influence on your emotions due
to the release of endorphins, so although the class will be intense you will feel the
benefits long after the class has finished.

The aim of this class is to increase your level of fitness, help with weight loss and
encourage your journey to leading an active healthy lifestyle. The class is fun and
energetic with a lot packed into the 30 minutes.

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