Better Tone & Shape

Our Better Tone and Shape class has been developed to tone key target areas
of the body in a short space of time. This class is designed to achieve maximum
toning results with minimal stress placed on the joints through low impact
exercise, this is achieved by combining bodyweight exercises, pilates and yoga.
Due to implementing pilates and yoga the class has a relaxed and friendly

Our Better Tone and Shape class is 30 minutes long, class numbers are limited this is to ensure you receive as much guidance throughout the class as possible to achieve optimum results.

The class would benefit anyone:

  • looking to tone
  • unable to perform high impact exercises
  • looking to strengthen their core
  • looking for a class led by one of our clinicians who are able to adapt the class to
    each individuals needs and fitness levels.

There is a strong focus on core strength and stability throughout this class. Having
great core strength can help excel in physical activity as core training can aid you
to train harder at the gym or in your chosen sport as your core is an important
base needed to perform well in physical activity.

Have you ever heard of people hurting their back whilst lifting weights? This is normally due to poor core
strength and too much pressure has been placed on their back without adequate
support coming from their abdominals and anterior muscles. Having a strong core
can, therefore, help reduce the risk of injury to your lower back. By training your
lower back, abdominal and oblique muscles to work together can
reduce the risk of injury by targeting muscle imbalances and weaknesses.

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