Health Insurance and physio.

Why your insurance might not be as good as you thought it was… You paid for a Mercedes, what you got was an old banger!  “I work in the city, my company provides the best corporate health insurance around- I can see who I like”… possibly not!  You will find that more and more Consultants,… Read More

on 06 Feb 2019, 09:02PM

    Physiotherapy and Whiplash

    There are numerous injuries which can result from car accidents with whiplash being one of the most common, annoying and painful. However, most car-related injuries can be treated successfully by physiotherapy. At Core Physio we’ll be able to diagnose your condition following an accident and help you recover and rehabilitate from it as quickly and effectively as… Read More

    Cadence. Does it matter?

    Should We Really Care About Cadence? The old gold standard was 180 steps per minute. But here’s what new research has to say. GETTY IMAGES JOSHUA HUBER Cadence, or the number of steps runners take per minute, is a data point that’s calculated on many GPS watches, but no one knows quite what to do with… Read More

    on 24 Jan 2019, 09:01PM
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