What You Need to Know About Strokes

When you first hear that you or someone you care for has had a stroke, the world suddenly feels like it’s against you and that there is no way back to normality, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Stroke rehabilitation has many steps that at first may be overwhelming especially if you’ve… Read More

Cortisone Injections

Core Physio Are Proud To Offer Cortisone Injections At Our Physiotherapy Clinics As An Advanced Treatment Option Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment The administration of a cortisone injections is an advanced skill that requires extensive post-graduate training and as a result very few private physiotherapy clinics throughout the UK are able to offer this service. What Are… Read More

Training Orthopaedic Clinical & Educational Supervisors

Do you want to help trainees be the very best they can? Recognising and Approving Trainers (GMC) requires T&O trainers to be “trained and calibrated” in workplace based assessments (WBA). More importantly, our trainees deserve the best training we can manage. After all someone took the trouble to train us. Future dates: 10th April (London) Book Now… Read More

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