Conditions Most Commonly Treated Include:

Injuries come in many forms and can affect any part of the body.

Some are mild sprains or strains of joints and muscles, such as ankles and thighs or you may have a more serious re-occurring back problem.

With our individual hands-on treatment and experience, we can find the cause, fix the injury and prevent it from happening again.

Injuries need to be diagnosed and treated effectively without undue delay. Your initial appointment will involve an assessment and diagnosis with treatment and advice.

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Foot & Ankle

Treatment at Core Physio will initially involve assessing your pain, range of movement, muscle strength, balance and stability. Your physiotherapist may also look at your footwear to assess whether your ankle problem is biomechanical and related to your foot posture and the position of your knees and hips.

Knee & Leg

Treatment at Core Physio will help resolve your knee and leg problems and speed up your recovery. The leg is prone to a variety of injuries due to repetitive forces involved in weight bearing movements such as running, jumping and twisting.

Hip & Groin

Our physiotherapists provide treatment for a wide variety of hip and groin conditions so that people can get back to their daily and sporting activities as soon as possible. Physiotherapy treatment will firstly assess your physical function and current symptoms so that a structured rehabilitation programme can be developed between you and your physiotherapist.

Spine & Pelvis

Lower back pain is very common and affects many people at some point in their lives. Our physiotherapists at Core Physio provide specialist assessment and treatment for people with lower back problems and use a variety of treatment techniques to help this condition.

Hand & Wrist

Our physiotherapists at Core Physio assess and treat many people with hand and wrist pain from an acute injury (such as a fall on an outstretched hand), or pain that has developed gradually as a result of overuse.

Shoulder & Arm

Our physiotherapists provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of common shoulder and upper limb pathologies. An initial assessment with one of our specialised physiotherapists will look at your current symptoms, movement and muscle strength.

Head & Neck

Head and neck pain is an extremely common condition and there are many recognisable symptoms associated with it. Neck pain is often associated with headaches and can also refer pain to the shoulder and arm.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists have expert knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of people who have a neurological condition. Our therapists have experience in the assessment and treatment of people with a variety of neurological conditions including spinal cord injury, stroke, head injury, MS, Parkinson’s, and Guillan Barre disease.

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

Dayna Cosgrove
Thanks with the Elbow Pain.

My daughter has been attending with a stretched ligament on her elbow. John has been fantastic with her would definitely recommend.

Shirley Gorrell
Ross Eaglesham

Can you please thank Matt for all the help he has given me over the last 6 weeks. Really pleased with how my knee is feeling post surgery and now feel a lot stronger and stable than before. Anti Gravity treadmill was great albeit a little uncomfy initially. Thanks again.

Brian Smith

I woke up one morning with a lot of pain and discomfort in my shoulder and pain going down my arm. I attended an appointment with Ross at Core Physio where he did a thorough examination before going on to work on my shoulder to relieve the spasm and tightness I was suffering. After just one session I felt the pain ease. I have just finished my third session and the difference is unbelievable. Ross was very professional and friendly and would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks Ross

Joanne Crawford

I injured my shoulder two years ago (which I stupidly ignored and got on with life) and had a relapse recently which meant I couldn’t lift my arm at all.
After 5 weeks at Core Physio, I have full movement and can look forward to being completely pain free for my holidays!
Easy to find and plenty parking outside. Very helpful and know what they are doing! Would definitely recommend

Elaine Holden

Was having problems with my back for months and had been to see multiple physios with no result! Have been seeing Ross Grant for the past couple of months and I’m now no longer In pain! Ross gave me manageable exercises to do at home and each session with him my back got better and better! Could not recommend him enough really helpful and great at his job! Will be back if I ever need any more help and will be recommending to all! Thanks Ross

Robyn Wilson
Leanne Crichton

I visited Core Physio at New Douglas Park Hamilton. Because I needed a physiotherapy report to assist me in protesting that my classification points value was too high when I play wheelchair basketball.
My physiotherapists John gave me a thorough examination on the physio bed and in my basketball wheelchair. He then went away, researched the IWBF wheelchair basketball classification system and wrote a report for me.
I am glad to say that with the help of John’s report the protest against my points was upheld and my classification points were reduced.
Thank you for the great service you gave me. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a thorough physiotherapy examination and report.
Many thanks

Sarah Baillie
Dayna Cosgrove

After suffering 4 weeks of extreme back pain, my husband booked an appointment for me with John. I could feel a huge improvement after my first session and required no more than three in total to have me feeling completely pain free and back to normal. Will continue to do my exercises as advised during treatments to hopefully prevent future problems occurring. Would definitely recommend Core physio as I could have not asked for a better outcome or for better service from a great team of people – thank you all very much indeed.

Sandra McIntosh
John McMenemy

Can’t thank guys enough. Matt and Ross really helped with my rehab and the facilities are really good. Wife going now too!

Jeff Thompson

I went to see Ross @ Core Physio after dislocating my finger in March. I’d been to see an NHS physio who discharged me and told me my finger would stay at a 20 degree angle forever! After a few physio sessions with Ross it was straight again- amazing not to have a crooked finger for the rest of my days! Thanks again!

Anna Ferguson