Core Group Classes

 Our better balance class is specifically designed to work on our balance and
proprioception skills. Read more

 Our Better Fitness classes are designed to burn calories and to get your heart rate
up. Read more

 The programme involves different exercises that target your back muscles, core and gluteals to increase general conditioning for long-term benefit. Read more

 Our Better Tone and Shape class has been developed to tone key target areas
of the body in a short space of time. Read more


MondayBetter Balance11:15amBothwell
Better Tone & Shape12:00pmBothwell
Better Back12:45pmBothwell
Better Back5:30pmHamilton
Better Fitness6:15pmHamilton
TuesdayBetter Balance6:00pmBothwell
Better Tone & Shape6:45pmBothwell
WednesdayBetter Tone & Shape11:15amBothwell
Better Balance12:00pmBothwell
Better Tone & Shape6:00pmHamilton
Better Fitness6:45pmHamilton
ThursdayBetter Balance11:15amHamilton
Better Tone & Shape12:00pmHamilton
Better Fitness6:15pmHamilton
Better Back5:30pmHamilton
FridayBetter Back12:45pmHamilton
Better Fitness5:30pmHamilton

To determine your suitability and level of fitness each of our classes require you to take part in a specialised assessment. Please fill out our form below and one of our team will be in contact to schedule this with you.


Do you currently take any medication?

Better BalanceBetter Tone & ShapeBetter FitnessBetter Back



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