Cortisone Injection

Ultrasound-Guided Steroid Injections are also called cortisone injections. They offer pain relief from inflammation around joints. Such as joint pain or soft tissue pain, swelling, and joint stiffness.

These may, in turn, help you to return to normal activities/hobbies. Also to begin or start physiotherapy.

Beforehand, the procedure’s explained to you. Side effects, risks, and benefits are discussed. You have an opportunity to discuss any other questions or concerns you may have.

If there are any changes in your health. Or personal circumstances you must inform the clinician, before the injection.


Cortisone Injection Therapy

Conditions treated by Cortisone Injection Therapy

Steroid (corticosteroid) or cortisone aim to provide joint pain relief. Also reduces inflammation in the joints and soft tissues of the body. Cortisone is powerful medicine. It works to break the cycle of pain and joint inflammation.

Once the pain subsides a graduated return to normal exercise commences. A local anaesthetic is also used to help at the injection site. Steroid/cortisone joint injections are effective in the treatment of inflammatory conditions. Including arthritis.

Knee oa etc (wear and tear, arthritis). Rheumatoid arthritis and sudden painful attacks caused by gout.

Sports injuries of joints and tendons. Ankle sprains. Achilles tendonitis. Knee ligament sprains.

Also, hip bursitis can all improve with steroid injections. It is most important to have an accurate diagnosis of the injury or condition.

Our clinicians are experts in diagnosis. They will examine you and may use ultrasound to assist the diagnosis. Thus receiving the best effects of cortisone. If necessary, onward referral for an MRI or to a surgeon if surgery indicated.

Frequently asked questions about Cortisone Injections

The cortisone injected can last anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on your condition. This occurs when the underlying cause of the pain has not been identified. At Core Physio, we always address the underlying cause of the pain. Thus the pain is unlikely to return after a cortisone injection or be in a manageable state.

At Core Physio, most of the injections include an anaesthetic. The cortisone with local anaesthetic results in an almost pain-free injection.
In some parts of the body, there are more sensory nerves and some discomfort is inevitable.

If injected into the same place it reports of degradation of collagen and other soft tissues. The fact that repeated injections in these case studies would suggest failure. In which case, there should not be a need to repeat the injections. At Core Physio, we limit the injections to three in the same part of the body in a short period of time. Alternatives are Hyaluronic Acid Injections, PRP, prolotherapy or Shockwave Therapy depending on the diagnosis.

Most pain relief occurs during the first 4 – 5 days. You should contact the clinic for advice to see if you need a second injection. 

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

These injections used are to decrease pain and stiffness. Also improve mobility for people suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis. Arthritis (also known as ‘wear and tear’) in the joints.
The solution injected contains sodium hyaluronate. Its injected into the joint space where the synovial fluid is. The fluid acts as a lubricant. also reducing friction and improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the worn cartilage.

Frequently asked questions about Hyaluronic Acid Injections

You will have a thorough assessment to see if this treatment is appropriate and the treatment will be explained to you.

Local anaesthetic can be used so it is not an excessively painful procedure.  The clinician can administer extra pain relief if you do feel pain and will ask you throughout the procedure if you are ok and coping with the treatment.

We routinely perform a course of two to three injections and the benefits of these can last for up to 12 months. You can have as many courses of injections as you require if you find that they alleviate your symptoms for a significant length of time.  Many clients receive bi-annual treatment for joint problems.

You may not notice any benefits immediately after the first injection but you should start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks. The improvement should last for several months. Once you are in less pain it is important that you book in to see one of our physios so they can monitor your progress and give you a graduated programme to increase strength and mobility.

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