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How Much Does Private Physiotherapy Treatment and healthcare Cost?

No one likes talking about physiotherapy and general treatment costs. Especially when it comes to your health. However, there is no denying that cost is an important factor. Any good healthcare organisation will tell you that recommendation is the biggest source of patients. This is true for self-referrals and clients referred by GPs and consultants. However, one common question we do get asked is – How much does private treatments cost?
The answer isn’t always immediately obvious and takes into consideration many individual factors relating to your health. Below is some general cost indications and associated costs. For any more details please contact us on 01698 540380

General Costs from:

Service Price
Physiotherapy Assessment £60
Follow Up Treatment £40
Extended Follow up Treatment £80
Spinal Assessment £120
Chronic Pain Assessment £120
Injection Therapy Assessment (Deductable from the overall cost if delivered same day) £80
Care Packages of 5 treatment sessions £200
  • Please note these are non-transferrable and non-refundable


Service Price
Ultrasound-Guided Cortisone £220
Hyalurnonic Acid (Ostenil plus) £275
ACP/PRP/Platelet Rich Plasma £350
Hydrodistension £280
Barbotage £280

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

Service Price
Pelvic Ultrasound Scan £125
Upper Abdominal Scan £125
Upper Abdominal & Pelvic Scan (wellwoman) £175
Kidney’s & Bladder Scan £125
Kidney’s, Bladder & Prostate Scan £175
Testes & Scrotum Scan £125
Lumps & Bumps Scan £125
Shoulder or Elbow Scan £125
Knee Scan £125
Hip Scan £125
Hand & Wrist Scan £125
Foot & Ankle Scan £125

Reports are provided with every diagnostic scan with interpretation of the findings.  Should you require a copy of scan photos, please note an administration charge of £30 will apply.

Shockwave Therapy:

Service Price
Radial – Block of 3 £200 (Single sessions £70)
Focused – Block of 3 £250 (Single Session £90)
AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill From £50 per 30 min session

Specialist Orthopaedic Appointments:

Service Price
Initial consultation £200
Return consultation £170
  • Please note 24 hours notice is required to cancel or rearrange any general appointment.
  • 48 hours notice is required for injection appointments and orthopaedic appointments.

Physiotherapy Assessment

£ 60 from
  • Physiotherapy Assessment. Session includes full injury assessment.
  • Next available appointment tomorrow.

Physiotherapy Return Appointment

£ 40 from
  • Follow up treatment after physiotherapy assessment. 30 minutes.
  • Availability: Monday to Friday at Bothwell, Glasgow City Centre and Hamilton.

Orthopaedic Assessment

£ 200 from
  • Specialising in spinal, orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation after surgery or injury.
  • Click the button below to contact us for availability.

Sports Injury Assessment

£ 50 from
  • Sports Injury assessment – Get advice and treatment from our Sports Therapy team.
  • Next available appointment tomorrow.

Injection Therapy Assessment

£ 160 from
  • Specialist assessment for injection therapy. Cortisone/Steroid.
  • Availability: Monday to Friday at Hamilton and Bothwell

Diagnostic Ultrasound

£ 125 from
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound. For the assessment of various conditions of the abdomen, pelvis and MSK injurie
  • Availability: Monday to Friday at Hamilton and Bothwell

Spinal Assessment

£ 120 from
  • Specialist Spinal Assessment from our Consultant Spinal Physiotherapist.
  • Availability: Monday to Friday at Bothwell and Hamilton.

30 mins Sports Massage

£ 40 from
  • 30 minute sports massage available in Bothwell & Hamilton
  • Next available appointment tomorrow.

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