Occupational Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

Occupational Physiotherapy and Ergonomics

Core Physio can support your organisation to reduce injury-related absenteeism within the workplace and keep sickness days to a minimum.  Management referred or self-referred employees will receive fast access to quality treatment which is provided through a variety of mediums in a stepped-care approach.

We work with our corporate clients to improve the musculoskeletal health or their organisations ensuring employees return to full fitness more quickly with a reduced risk of recurrence.  We are proactive and work to ensure that musculoskeletal problems are treated before leading to a possible absence which impacts positively on sickness absence levels.


Workplace Assessments and Ergonomic Assessments are useful when considering the working environment in relation to an employee either returning to work after an extended absence or working with a diagnosed and ongoing medical condition.  Core Physio can assess or even redesign a workstation to support the management of disability and optimise productivity.  This means that we can advise organisations completely, ensuring an ‘ability’ strategy is in place in order to cope in an appropriate way with the differing needs of their workforce.

We are pushing the boundaries in terms of treatment, prevention and planning using our own in-house expertise, as well as having a robust trusted network of specialist practitioners nationwide.  Core Physio is pioneering in the use of technology not only in terms of treating equipment but also in the delivery of our proactive, immediately available physiotherapy services. Please contact us for more information.