Physiotherapy Solutions

Core Physio has been pioneering in the development of progressive healthcare solutions, delivering meaningful, effective corporate healthcare outcomes since 2003. We take a ‘whole body’ proactive approach to supporting your employees to optimum health and in turn, reduce absence, increase productivity and maximise organisational profitability. We constantly challenge the way we do things so that we ensure a shift from simply treating ill health to managing wellbeing through prevention and early intervention. We set ourselves high standards with a strong focus on providing excellent customer service and quality of care, creating optimum value.

We use everything we’ve learnt and strive to learn more in order to deliver compliant, comprehensive and cost-efficient services to support the needs of both our corporate clients and their employees. We use a highly effective combination of innovation, technology and clinical expertise to ensure we retain our best of breed position within the healthcare arena. We have some of the strongest talents within the health and wellbeing market with specialists in the field of Physiotherapy, Occupational Health, Psychological Health and Primary Care. We also employ strategic experts in organisational health to provide a distinctive value-add to our client’s programmes.

This breadth of knowledge coupled with our focus on delivering meaningful, effective clinical services to our clients equips Core Physio with a unique healthcare proposition that can inform and support corporate businesses in all aspects of their health and wellbeing journey. With musculoskeletal and mental ill health accounting for the vast majority of work-related absence, the impact of an ageing workforce, lifestyle-related illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke, the creation of outstanding corporate organisational healthfulness has never been more challenging. Core Physio can truly help mitigate these risks as far as possible by building solutions specific to your people and business requirements for where your business healthcare needs are now, and where you need them to be in future.