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Health & fitness to a new level with the team at Core Physio in Hamilton - Bothwell - Glasgow

Our clinics are designed to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The meaning of this varies from person to person.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, become more active, train your weaknesses to avoid reoccurring injuries
or to enhance your sporting career our specialists can help you achieve your

We have a range of options available including 1-1 personal training
sessions, specialised group classes and fitness group classes which are designed
to promote a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle.

So What is Fitness?

Fitness does not only refer to being physically fit, but also refers to a person’s mental state as well.

If a person is physically fit, but mentally unwell or troubled, he or she will not be able to function optimally.

Mental fitness can only be achieved if your body is functioning well.

You can help relax your own mind and eliminate stresses by exercising regularly and eating right.

Why is it Important to Be Physically Fit?

People who are physically fit are also healthier, are able to maintain their most optimum weight, and are also not prone to cardiac and other health problems.

In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active.

A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place.

How Can You Become More Physically Fit?

Becoming physically fit requires a change in life style as well.

You will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine in your life and also eat healthier.

By avoiding junk foods, fizzy drinks, bad habits like smoking and alcohol and by getting adequate amount of rest, you will be able to become physically and mentally fit. Just by eliminating all these food substances from your life, no matter how temporarily, you will allow your body to detox and become stronger.

Make sure that you spend more time outdoors in the sun, and fresh air and take part in more healthy activities.

Fishing, bicycling, swimming, hiking, and even playing foot ball with your kids should be a part of your physically fit lifestyle.

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