Injury Rehabilitation

Specialist Injury Rehabilitation

Core Physio specialises in providing injury rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation.

CLINICS across Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

In all of our sites, we have fully equipped rehab areas and a professionally trained team of physios, physical therapists and personal trainers. All of whom are able to offer exercise rehabilitation as part of your treatment plan.

We offer rehabilitation in either one to one or group exercise classes.

Rehabilitation exercises are an essential part of your treatment plan, enhancing a speedy recovery.

Core stability – improves joint stability

Strengthening – improves muscle strength

Stretching – improves flexibility

Proprioception – improves co-ordination and muscle control


Injury Rehabilitation

How can a Injury Rehabilitation Exercise Programme help you?

Rehabilitation Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles that support your body and keep your back and joints healthy.  We feel this is an essential part of your treatment programme and your recovery.

Exercises are designed specifically for your condition and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

These help to speed your recovery and prevent recurrence of your painful condition.

What happens on your first visit?

At your first visit, details of your condition are taken.

A detailed assessment of your posture, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle tightness and stability is performed.

A  programme is then designed for you and the appropriate number of exercise sessions recommended.

Research studies for the care of back and neck pain shows the importance of using exercises in combination with manual therapy.

Rehabilitation exercise reduces the severity of pain and speeds recovery preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

With this in mind, our rehabilitation specialist will design an individual program for you and your condition.

The Staff and Facilities to Support your Rehabilitation

With an on-site gym at all clinics with all the equipment you are likely to need.

We have both physios, rehab therapists and personal trainers to ensure you are doing the exercises that are right for you.

We hold both one to one, and group exercise classes throughout the week during the day and evenings.

If you would like to find out more, contact our team today.  We are here to help!