Training Orthopaedic Clinical & Educational Supervisors

Do you want to help trainees be the very best they can? Recognising and Approving Trainers (GMC) requires T&O trainers to be “trained and calibrated” in workplace based assessments (WBA). More importantly, our trainees deserve the best training we can manage. After all someone took the trouble to train us. Future dates: 10th April (London) Book Now… Read More

Health Insurance and Physio.

Why your insurance might not be as good as you thought it was… You paid for a Mercedes, what you got was an old banger!  “I work in the city, my company provides the best corporate health insurance around- I can see who I like”… possibly not!  You will find that more and more Consultants,… Read More

Physiotherapy and Whiplash

There are numerous injuries which can result from car accidents with whiplash being one of the most common, annoying and painful. However, most car-related injuries can be treated successfully by physiotherapy. At Core Physio we’ll be able to diagnose your condition following an accident and help you recover and rehabilitate from it as quickly and effectively as… Read More